Mega Maker

Axis Machine Pro! – HW1200T-Pro

HW1200T-Pro 5 Axis Machine Pro! Our CNC & Hot Wire machines are used for: • Architectural shapes, Crown Molding, Columns and Medallions.• EPS and XPS sandwich panels for roofing and construction.• Packaging and Modelers• Aerospace, architectural and Mechanical departments in universities and colleges• Theme Parks.• Monument Signs, 3D signs, Logos, Letters, Props, Prototyping, museum exhibits, […]

Axis Machine – HW1200S

HW1200S دستگاه 5 محوره Designed for cutting EPS foam and Styrofoam in industrial and commercial environments. This series (HW1200 T Pro) is built from high quality electrical and mechanical components for years of trouble free operation. You can cut virtually anything out of expanded and extruded foam — your imagination is their only limit. Some […]

3-5Axis Machine Milling – Mill2104

Mill2104 3-5 Axis Machine Milling Mega maker CNC milling machine, universal usage, and computer controlled, for milling 2D and 3D objects out of EPS, XPS, EPP and other foams. These CNC milling machines are independently controllable over 3 axes. These machines are perfect for professional users with large projects. In little time you will design […]

Axis Machine Handy – HHW1100

HHW1100 3 Axis Machine Handy Advanced 3-axis CNC machine, suitable for making all kinds of complex and very large 3D volumes Making wings and body of all kinds of flying equipment Building the hull of vessels Making decorative and exhibition decorations Construction of interior and exterior facades of the building Passive Defense And … Chosen […]