Mega Maker

Axis Machine – HW1200S


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Designed for cutting EPS foam and Styrofoam in industrial and commercial environments. This series (HW1200 T Pro) is built from high quality electrical and mechanical components for years of trouble free operation. You can cut virtually anything out of expanded and extruded foam — your imagination is their only limit.

Some of the common applications include:

  1.  Complicated 3D Logos
  2. Sign Letters
  3. Graphics
  4. Architectural Shapes
  5. Architectural Scale Models
  6. Fair Stalls
  7. Film or Theatre Props, Shapes and Backdrops
  8. Hobby & Crafts
  9. Precast Concrete Molds
  10. Pipe Insulation
  11. Columns
  12. Store Props & Displays
  13. O.P. Displays    * Prototype Products
  14. All kinds of Packaging  Theme Props  
  15.  *Amusement